Sunday, December 04, 2016

Video tests through BETT and Learning Technologies

Examples follow of previous video. I am trying out new possibilities ahead of BETT and LT at the end of Jan / early Feb. I still cannot work out how to launch the new channels - RGB2 and management theory in radio - on YouTube so continue with my own one. The aim is to get to a higher level of production values and some paid subscriptions to avoid advertising but so far Red has not been launched in the UK.

As background I am trying to keep an open mind about learning ; there will be enough about theory around BETT. I still think design science is interesting as a route towards quality and systems but this is a bit stuck in my conversations with JD. We remain the top YouTube search result for "design science" and DJ. But still limited response so JD usually moves the conversation back to the beginning. This could change if the same ideas crop up somewhere else. In theory any DJ could and should be a design science DJ.

So main thing is to work on video as a form of communication and come back to others later. Radio 1 Academy was in Exeter earlier this year and they talk about visual radio. Maybe this is a low level of production so I am not sure where the levels are. What sort of kit could get similar results from the Phoenix building ? ( not sure what was in the large van parked outside)

Another thing I notice is that on social media there is a lot of video on Facebook or Google hangouts or similar that is apparently cheap to produce but is making some impression on the assumed YouTube video claim to be a starting point. Not sure how this will work out, maybe the whole scene expands and there is still a subscription model as part of this.

So various directions to test. I have got a new desktop with Windows 10 and the latest Premiere Elements ( previously Windows 7 and about four releases back) so there is a short gap while I learn the differences and then it should be a bit better. Seems to cope with multiple tracks so edit is more possible.

The examples below are to show how different styles can work. I think social media is suited to quite a casual approach but there seems to be a trend towards more formal styles as well. Not sure how to navigate around this. Could be discussion about how conversation works, or some reliable resource on another production level.

This one as had a lot of views ( for me anyway compared to others ) mostly because of the content. No external mic so sound is not ideal. Handheld camera so wobbly, but it works overall on some level

This one part of a day out from Phonic Studio to the library next door. Chat in cafe over a coffee is still rare, could happen at conferences but they tend to be formal.

One from BETT last year, this worked ok. Why not just record as part of a trade show visit or anywhere else?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Casual take on university conversations and subjects, text ahead of video

Thinking about the video in the previous post I realise that video around conferences is getting more difficult. A few years ago some casual recording was possible but it seems there is more concern recently to control what appears. There is better production on YouTube etc but much of it equates to broadcast mode, not so much conversation or readiness to consider questions.

So improved production resources may not help. Maybe phone cameras for Facebook or Twitter will do just as well as YouTube.

Another thing is that I have lost track of what the subject area is. I started trying to do social media for an update to Management Theory at Work. The Lancaster campus was a location. Tech claims at the InfoLab 21 cafe, then the Business School for critique, then Alexanderplatz to connect with the wider world. Such a version of a chat show requires some preparation so I have tended to rely instead on playlists , taking content from other sources and mixing together.

The Networked Learning conference started in the Management building but has now moved to Education. Management Theory at Work included a keynote on how information technology changed the situation of a learning company. so I have seen the subject areas as muddled up anyway.

In Exeter, a walk with stops for recording short video clips could start on campus at the Innovation Centre, then cafe at Business School, then the city centre is not too far away. St Lukes is a good site for education topics, Lancaster a bit hidden away as a backdrop.

(See previous post for use of green screen etc. This sort of script for a walk is just a way to link segments. Can fit in any suitable clips but actual locations do contribute)

I have found the Disruption Innovation Festival through the One Planet MBA, sponsors of Tech Exeter. They made the space available for a recent conference.  Next Tuesday there is a day for HE. My guess is that the university itself is open to disruption. So this could be part of the discussion. So far the academics sem to come from a stable base for observation. My question is when the switch will come away from investing in buildings towards more online resource.

Back to video sometime next year. Bits of text meanwhile. There are links to video in previous posts, I will try to revise this over the next week.  

Video can be casual

My own news is an update in my Windows device. Still feel ok with a desktop and have a bought a new Windows 10 HP with Premiere Elements 14 rather than 9 on 7 previously. So far sort of ok. It copes with the render and shows the effect of an edit quite quickly. Previous device a bit slow but it was full, still is until copy and delete creates some space.

So these two from during this week. I have been meeting with JD to explore how to record in cafes and street. Still the way forward for social media as visual radio. But on thursday Chris showed us how to do Live on Facebook. I do not know how to download from FB so have just recoded some of it on camera. Not very accurate so not really piracy. You should find the original through chris Norton on Facebook.

So I should be able to do better video and launch the channels for #mtwr and #RGB2 . But meanwhile I am discovering that a lower production level seems ok for Facebook and also Twitter. Instant feed from phone camera is reasonably well regarded. So I will try some of this as well.

Need to go in both directions. Chat as in casual repeating same points as last time with maybe some occasional changes. But also trying for a better definition / edit, something that will last longer.

Next post for how this relates to the content.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Tech Monthly starts this Thursday on Phonic FM 1600 -1700

There is a new monthly show on Phonic FM based around Tech Exeter, a meetup social space that recently held a conference at the Business School. I may know more before or during the @wenotno show on Tuesday and/or Wild Show on Thursday morning.

My current tech question is what form a studio can take? Phone in open air records sound and video ok. Phonic studio ok for sound but lighting is an issue.

Exeter City Futures were one of the sponsors for the conference. As reported in the Express and Echo they have ideas about a Tech Hub at the BHS space. How would this work as  a studio? Somewhere to store a tripod? A wall painted green or blue? OK these tech ideas are fairly low level but would be a start. Meeting for coffee Wed morning ish may visit BHS to check out the dimensions.

The Business School, another sponsor, could also be a form of studio. In the presentation space the built in camera faced the audience. Not sure how this works. My guess is that as education moves online there could be as much investment in forms of studio as in iconic buildings.

Maybe more poists during the week but maybe better to follow @wenotno on Twitter and / or Wild Show on Facebook.

Creative Commons as in Unexpected Exeter 2016

This blog post is ahead of radio shows this week and a sort of planning meeting on a Wednesday. Last week I met with JD and we did a very short video in Bedford Square about nothing much happening. Loaded to YouTube with Creative Commons licence. Later I uploaded two clips from the Unexpected event, one Creative Commons and one standard YouTube licence so far. Not sure what most people think, including Exeter City Council and others.

Playlist also includes other video. Can work as a sequence but an edit might be a benefit. YouTube now has stopped showing Remix button but choice is available through the edit screen. So go to bottom of playlist for more guidance and also comment on Creative Commons from Joanne Jacobs and Cllr Paul Bull.

Meanwhile I have spoken to the Standup Philosopher also known as the storyteller about the Creative Commons choice on clips from #Widseth&Deor in #HouseOnHauntedHill . Still ok so I am proposing to make this explicit. The next time there is an academic conference a performance around philosophy could be announced with explicit Creative Commons permissions. I think this would work well as Content Marketing.

So I may assume Creative Commons is ok so far and then push it a bit. Any comment welcome.

So plan for the week is to continue chat on @wenotno Tuesday, chat to JD Wednesday and then Wild Show Thursday with a quick check from storyteller that Creative Commons is still ok.

We may not get a long considered policy statement from Exeter City Council but then again there may not be a cease and desist order either.

However JD may have some issues with his image rights. To be continued.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Nothing Unexpected in Exeter on Wednesday

We may have missed it but here is a report by JD from Exeter City Centre just after 1pm on Wednesday. I had thought there might be something Unexpected. Maybe it was somewhere else or maybe it was postponed because of the fire and limitations on space.

Our main point was to try out Creative Commons for sound and vision based on public art. Previously it has sometimes turned out that some sounds involve copyright music. Possibly the organisers can avoid this and even make it clear that all content is on a Creative Commons basis.

Continues on Wild Show tomorrow on Phonic FM and probably also @wenotno next week.

What do other media make of this sort of thing? Can all content be in a mix? Public phone content is used by newspapers and TV but can any tweet be reused in any way? Any views welcome.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Creative Commons, Content Marketing, House On Haunted Hill , Unexpected in Exeter?

This is a short note, expanded tweet. More later but concentrating now on weekend and some edits and getting ready for actual Halloween on Monday. Have just uploaded playlist of sound clips for the Fall of the House of Usher as broadcast on Thursday. Not many views so far but the idea of using clips from the radio to promote live theatre seems sound and is ok with Widseth and Deor. Also they are both ok with the Creative Commons choice on the YouTube permissions.

So the REMIX button is available. My plan is to use the sound from radio studio and some visuals, video and/or stills from the actual event. It is just possible that the sound will be ok but probably better YouTube result from forget about sync approach.

So this et me thinking about the Unexpected. An evening around the Exeter Quay with a bonfire and much else. Some historic graphics. Some sounds, possibly with copyright material or just some old folk tunes. Is it all Creative Commons by default? Is there an Exeter City Council policy?

Anyway it could be ok to mix sound and vision from various sources. Any guidance, suggestioons welcome. First try to get a result from the Phoenix Voodoo Lounge.

Monday evening about 8 but as you cannot book a ticket suggest arriving early. Please bring a camera also, more choices the better for the final edit.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

#HouseOnHauntedHill Best Ever Content Marketing Offer

Expanded tweet sort of post. More later, just a bit tired uploading loads of clips and sorting out titles.

Still not sure how to move to another level for performance and music video. Somehow there must be a level of production that works as promotion. Enough to fund a better budget for the next video. Or at least get more interest in using the #tags on social media.

The Widseth and Deor Storytelling Theatre will perform for Halloween and a Phonic FM benefit. Previously the #WonderfulWomenSing event worked out ok. there was a bit of a delay till the sound was edited in. I think the various versions are hard to avoid as some people on YouTube respond to something being available close to the event.

This time I have taken the sound from FM broadcast. The Storyteller tries out voices and versions of tales ahead of a live event. Not sure if all these stories will be part of the actual evening. One more test session to go, this Thursday about 9-10 in morning. But having done the sound edits I may just find some suitable image sequences from the actual evening and not worry too much about the sync. Depends how things work out. The storyteller is ok with a mic in a studio but prefers acoustic in live performance. Maybe this will all get sorted during this week.

There are two playlists, one for Carmilla, one for the others so far.

Content Marketing as in you get the sound for free, you just have to look at the ad, not even buy a ticket till you get to the door. There should be plenty of space but suggest you get there early just in case.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tech Exeter Conference demo for social media promotion

The first Tech Exeter conference was on Saturday at the Business School. More later on the content. Sound recording will be available soon so I will link and comment. We may broadcast extracts on @wenotno show.

Most obvious sign for me that this was a major event is the way it was promoted. Almost entirely social media. I did not see any posters or fliers. When I checked I was sent a jpeg to print out. I created a PDF but there has not been much interest in this. This may be a special case, there is a known mailing list and they only need enough response to fill two lecture spaces. Still it did work and contrasts with Phonic FM benefits, still mostly posters and fliers. Prmoted #tags still a rarity. Some how I miss the hard copy. I am going to Kendal for a Comics event. Still with a cloud marketing aspect, but lots of actual print as well to look forward to. So a bit of a muddle in my response.

Several situations could move to a new stage based on the examples of what is possible. But I am not sure how things fit or what to try next. The Management theory at Work discussion in Lancaster had started to look at information technology but the social media phase failed to restart it enough for anything face to face. The Networked Learning conference earlier this year has in some ways become comfortable with the idea of networks outside of technology. But I am not sure what is the interest from the One Planet MBA, major sponsors of the Tech Exeter event. Mostly I think this was the building and space. The business implications of the technology are outside the scope, but maybe something to come back to. I did not do much video but there will be a series of shows on Phonic FM later this year. I will find out more later. Meanwhile Twitter is great for rather vague linking text with two or more #tags or sites to visit.

Being back on a campus I thought again about the way universities break knowledge down into subjects. At Lancaster the Networked Learning  Conference was based in the Business School but then returned to Educational Research. #TechExeter was described as "multidisciplinary" but I only noticed mention of graphic design at the Met Office. Mostly people were working on practical projects. I think there is more of a gap between academics and practice since the first Management Theory at Work conferences. Not sure how to test this, but follow up to #TechExeter should be interesting.

Meanwhile continuing with Management Theory at Work in Radio. We can just collect bits of sound that roughly fit together as a sequence of theory and radio as an example. "Visual Radio" or video is definitely getting easier. Many recent examples, but still not easy to arrange permissions or time. Phonic studio still dark but sound recording ok. Next benefit will be ghost stories on Halloween, full permission to record anything so test of ant tech we can afford or borrow. Some video promotion. Tags #WidsethDeor and #HouseOnHauntedHill.

More later when back from Kendal. Maybe with some ideas on how the situation around sound compares with print / flat page publishing.